What If Annalise Faked Her 'HTGAWM' Pregnancy?

Listen up, How To Get Away With Murder fans, we need to have a serious talk about one of the show's most popular theories: Annalise is Wes' mom. Now, I'm not saying that isn't true. Who even knows with this show, right? But, one thing is for certain: Wes isn't the child Annalise was pregnant with in those flashbacks, because those flashbacks are from 10 years ago. Last I checked Wes wasn't a 10-year-old prodigy who snuck his way into law school about 10 years too early. So, if Wes isn't her kid, who is Annalise's son? As with all HTGAWM questions, there are several possible answers.

For one, maybe she never actually had a kid. Perhaps she lost her son shortly before or after birth. Theory two: Annalise gave her child up for adoption because she got scared she wouldn't be a good parent, or she wanted to focus solely on her career. Or, option number three: Annalise was faking that pregnancy.

We've all seen how far Annalise is willing to go to win a case. Murder far, guys. Murder. So, when she was working the Charles Mahoney case, maybe she wanted to get close to Wes' mom Rose (who seemingly had something to do with things), and Annalise knew that Rose was a mom. Perhaps in an effort to gain her friendship and trust, Annalise faked a pregnancy belly (hers didn't look all that realistic, OK?) and bonded with Rose over babies before luring her into helping her win her case.

Now, that doesn't quite explain why Annalise would also fake the baby to her husband and everyone else in her life, but maybe she was just really dedicated to the bit. Or, maybe she has a 10-year-old running around somewhere. But, one thing is for sure: That baby isn't Wes, so it's time to let that part of the theory go.

Image: Mitch Haaseth/ABC