The 11 Most Absurb Celeb Tweets Of All Time

Twitter has a lot of clear uses if you happen to be a celebrity. The platform enables politicians to connect with their younger constituents, Vine stars to tweet out locations to their teenage fans for impromptu meetups, and Cher to say whatever's on her mind. Likewise, if you happen to be a famous person and find yourself constantly subtweeted or cyberbullied, you can read the mean things people tweet at you on Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets." But perhaps the best use of A-list Twitter is to share their weirdest, most confusing thoughts, as the 11 absurd celeb tweets below show.

Not every star uses Twitter strangely, of course. Neil Patrick Harris tends to use his to tweet pictures of delicious food porn, while Lindsay Lohan uses hers to get free Uber rides and the members of the Kardashian-West family use theirs to promote the launch of projects (or ask Mark Zuckerberg to send them money because they're $53 million in debt.) But when celebs do use Twitter for weirdness, it's so much fun to see. Here are 11 of the strangest things celebs have ever tweeted.

1. Kourtney Kardashian

In short: No. Ants have an aedeagus.

2. Martha Stewart

Well, then.

3. Alec Baldwin

This is at once crazy, homophobic and crazy homophobic — and just plan weird.

4. Jaden Smith

Cool story, bro. But more importantly, what if your blue is actually my green? #deepthoughts

5. Cher

What I would give to be Cher's dog for a day.

6. Lance Armstrong

Looks like the athlete thought he was sending a private message...

7. Britney Spears

I don't even know where to start here.

8. Sarah Palin

Except none of those are words...

9. Kim Kardashian

You good, Keeks?

10. Geraldo Rivera

The struggle is real.

And for the absolute best celeb tweet of all time, ladies and gentlemen:

11. 50 Cent

Yes to everything about this.

Now how do we get Jennifer Lawrence a Twitter? Change.org? Let's get on it, people.