Queen Latifah's "America the Beautiful" Was Great

Super Bowl XLVII is officially under way and Queen Latifah has once again showed us that her moniker grants her special powers. After legally marrying 33 couples at the Grammys, she reprised her role as master of ceremonies to kick off the Super Bowl. Queen Latifah sang "America the Beautiful" with the New Jersey Youth Chorus as her adorable backup. She chose the group because it is an all-girl chorus, and Skyped the girls on Jan. 25 to ask them if they would back her up.

Although the halftime show this year will not be as girl-powered as last year's Beyonce show-stopper, the pregame activities have shown that girls still run the world.

Also, this was not Queen Latifah's first round at the Super Bowl, since she also sang "America the Beautiful" in 2010. Even though her performance in 2010 was great, the adorably sweatshirt-clad girl chorus behind her made this year even more special. Maybe we should just crown Queen Latifah the unofficial Master and Commander of Singing Women, and let her lead the attack on the male-based (and probably boring) halftime show. Just a thought.

Hail. Hail to the Queen.

Here's her performance from 2014. Video from 2010 below!

From 2010: