Lauryn Hill's Misfortunes Continue

The misfortunes of Lauryn Hill continue. The famously reclusive Miseducation of Lauryn Hill singer has started her three-month prison sentence in Connecticut, according to People.

In May, Hill was found guilty of tax evasion after neglecting to pay almost $1 million to the government. The singer had addressed her legal problems in a recent Tumblr post, writing that she "shuddered during sentencing when I kept hearing the term ‘make the IRS whole.'" Continued Hill, "Make the IRS whole, knowing that I got into these very circumstances having to deal with the very energies of inequity and resistance that created and perpetuated these savage inequalities ... Has America, or any of the nations of the world guilty of these atrocities, ever made black people or Africa whole or do they continue to sit on them, control them, manipulate them, cage them, rob them, brutalize them, subject them to rules that don’t apply to all?"

After Hill is released from the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Conn., the singer will begin a three-month stint under house arrest. And it's likely she'll then have time and means for more blog posts like these: "To me it is obvious that the accumulation of generational trauma and abuse have created the very behaviors the system tries to punish, by providing no sufficient outlets for the victims of institutional terror. Clearly, the institution seeks to hide its own criminal history at the expense and wholeness of the abused, who ‘acting out’ from years of abuse and mistreatment, reflect the very aggression that they were exposed to."