9 Women Tell Us About The Wardrobe Pieces That Mean The Most To Them

Sometimes, looking in your closet can feel like looking at a photo album. The pieces hanging there are more than a collection of material — they’re physical reminders of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to go. That’s why, a lot of times, cleaning out your closet or even reorganizing your sweater shelf can be an emotional experience. Because whether you rediscover that super soft T-shirt you basically lived in during college or stumble upon the pair of genuine leather boots you invested in for your first actual adult job, it becomes undeniably clear that the items we surround ourselves with can mean a lot.

While some items in our closets are just things, without meaning or a story, some others are just the opposite — filled with nostalgia, experience, and life. The dress you bought for your first date with a special boyfriend. The sandals you wore every day in Madrid during a semester abroad. The vintage purse your grandma gifted you. Even if it’s as simple as your favorite pair of go-to sneakers or a cozy sweatshirt you only wear when you’re sick, these items are permanently woven into our lives.

We've partnered with Nordstrom to celebrate those special wardrobe pieces that have the power to define our everyday lives. We’ve asked nine women to share with us the items that mean the most to them, and here's what they said:

"The piece in my wardrobe that means the most to me is my jade bracelet. My mom gave me my jade bracelet after I graduated college to offer protection and give me good luck on my new journey as a full-fledged adult. Now, I can't go anywhere without it. I never take it off!" — Sara

"I bought a pair of obscenely expensive designer sunglasses with my first couple of paychecks from freelance writing. They were my first real 'investment piece' and I still love them and wear them often. To me, they really symbolize my first adult purchase and finally being independent." — Olivia

"My four-year-old leather jacket means so much to me because I worked hard for it. I bartered in broken French for 20 minutes in a cramped Parisian leather shop, feigned disinterest (and even left for a few terrifying minutes) in a poor attempt to 'play hard to get.' But this leather jacket and I belonged together, and we've been going steady ever since." — Elly

"The thing that means the most in my closet is a suede jacket that my husband and I share. It was a gift to me from his mom, but it was so oversized that he started wearing it too. Whenever he's out of town I like to wear it out because it makes me feel like I'm a bit closer to him." — Jordan

"I absolutely love my black leather lace-up boots. I bought them on a trip to London and have worn them absolutely everywhere (and with almost everything) ever since — from temple-running in Angkor Wat to hiking the caldera in Santorini to clubbing in Berlin to conveyor belt sushi-hunting in Tokyo. Heels? Who needs those?" — Regina

"My favorite piece is a structured metallic gold bubble skirt. Contrary to popular belief, metallics are definitely a neutral. I tend to wear really structured button-ups, so the gold skirt is a fun and feminine way to dress them up. My style has changed a lot since I moved to New York City, and this piece feels very sleek and representative of who I've become in the three years I've lived here." — Emily

"I've got a pair of hot red jeans that I adore. I put them on and immediately stand up a little straighter and feel a little more sure of myself. I've worn them going out or going to meetings when I just need that extra boost of confidence. I've had them forever and look forward to every chance I get to wear them.” — Meghan

"My wardrobe is very eclectic, but my most coveted piece is this suede eggplant waist belt that my mom gave me. She wore it in her twenties and said that it would make any outfit look instantly more polished. It's my go-to accessory anytime I feel like my outfit needs a little oomph." — Donna

"The piece that matters most to me would have to be my necklace with a single diamond in the middle. My mom took her first pair of diamond earrings and turned them in two necklaces: one for me and one for my sister. She gave us the necklaces when we each turned 13 (in time for our bat mitzvahs). I've been wearing it every day since. I love that I have this piece of my mom with me at all times, and I love knowing that my sister has the other half." — Caroline

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