Amy Schumer Skipped The 2016 Oscars

To much dismay, Amy Schumer skipped the 2016 Oscars red carpet. Normally, the actress shows up, brings her fabulous personality, and wears something stunning, so it was upsetting that she wasn't there. Why was Schumer at the Oscars? Because she's just too darn busy! The star has a pretty crazy schedule, so it only makes sense that she didn't have time to attend.

I will admit, when I saw that Trainwreck wasn't nominated for the Oscars, I was pretty bummed. Not only was the movie great, but I knew that meant that she probably wouldn't be on the red carpet. From the looks of her social media, it seems like Schumer is currently filming a movie. She's obviously loving the project considering that she's constantly posting photos giving followers little sneak peeks. The subject of the film might be a secret as of yet, but one thing's for sure — wherever she's currently at looks cold, so it's probably no where near the Oscars.

Although the gowns that she's been wearing in her Instagram posts are nothing like the type of dress that she'd wear at the Oscars, they are pretty entertaining. There's no telling what Schumer would've worn to the event, but here's what she wore on set.

That wasn't the only over-the-top costume that she sported on social media, either.

Wherever she is, she looks like she's having fun!