The Seahawks Said What to Him?

What did the Super Bowl do before social media? In instances of horribly depressing games for Denver Broncos fans, it's always best to turn your attention to Twitter and see what funny things celebrities are saying about the game. However, a slew of celebs, athletes, and other A-listers were indeed rooting for the Seattle Seahawks to be the Super Bowl champions, and expressed their happiness on Twitter. But in a turn of events, when Justin Bieber revealed himself to be a Seahawks fan, the team didn't seem to see John Legend or Ellen DeGeneres tweeting their support for Seattle. They saw the Biebs, in all his glory. The Seattle Seahawks tweeted Justin Bieber during the Super Bowl, after Justin showed his allegiance to the team.

The Biebs tweeted, "SuperBowl Sunday. who you got? #Seahawks." The Seahawks then replied, "@justinbieber Thanks for being a believer, or shall we say a Belieber? #GoHawks." Really, Seahawks? Really? Out of everyone that tweets you, and out of all the amazing things happening to your team last night, you choose to drop the term "Belieber?" The world truly is a crazy place. Sigh. Here are some other tweets from celebrities who rooted for the Seahawks last night and were excited about their win:

Oh hay, Rihanna:

Nice bird sound effects, Michael:


Did you mean "en fuego," Khlo?

Happy wife, happy life:

We can't get enough of Chrissy's tweets. Really:

Washington native, right here:


Nicely summed up:

But really, does this mean that all Seahawks fans are now Beliebers? Just sayin'.

Images: Rihanna; MichaelBuble; KhloeKardashian; JustinBieber; ChrissyTeigen; JohnLegend; ApoloOhno; RichardSherman; EllenDeGeneres/Twitter