Twitter Shares Queer Pride Via #ImQueerBecause

With queer visibility on the rise, the internet remains a vital engine for queer discourse. This week, Twitter users have been as vocal as ever about their queer pride through the trending hashtag #ImQueerBecause, which mocks the absurd idea that an event or trauma "makes you queer." The responses predictably range from hilarious to serious and sweet, showing that there's no single narrative that can define living life under the diverse umbrella of identities that queerdom encompasses.

Whether you identify as non-binary, gender fluid, genderqueer, transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or one of the many other identities I can't think of just now, queer is yours for the taking. Basically, anyone outside the heterosexual and cisgender majority can benefit from the reclamation of this once-slur that now many hold near and dear.

Although it's easy for certain folks to jump on the internet and wave a rainbow flag, being queer is still not an acceptable identity in many places across America, and many face prejudice, ostracism and abuse simply because of who they are. For this reason, queer safe spaces are very necessary, and everyone no matter their gender expression or sexual orientation should be encouraged to read more queer authors, and educate themselves on queer issues. The existence of #ImQueerBecause shows why:

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Images: Unsplash; Twitter