The 'Fuller House' Opening Credits Are The Perfect Mix Of Nostalgia & New

Fuller House is not coy about how it's built on nostalgia for the '80s and '90s, but with the next generation there have to be at least a few changes. Whether you've been with this show since the beginning or checking it out for the first time, try not to smile when you're watching the new Fuller House opening credits. The updated sequence is bright, colorful, and represents everything that the new show is serving us.

While there's a longer version in the pilot episode that includes the ol' Dad trio of Danny, Jesse, and Joey as well as Aunt Becky, once the show gets sailing it uses a new recording of the Full House theme, sung by Carly Rae Jepsen, and focuses on the new cast. Slowly but surely, the old makes way for the new. Leading the pack are D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy Gibbler, who we see in their current iterations side by side some throwback clips from previous Full House credits. They are joined by D.J.'s three sons Jackson, Max, and Tommy — and Kimmy's daughter Ramona. There are also baby pictures of the show's younger actors to accompany their credit slots — which helps make it feel as if we've known them all along. They fit in perfectly. There's really a sense of history with DJ and Kimmy's kids even though we are just meeting them for the first time.

Tyler Straessle on YouTube

There's also a framing device, I crack myself up, where we see framed family photos of the Tanners from different stages of their lives at the beginning and end of the credits. Full House was on for eight seasons and those characters truly grew up on screen. One of the things that fans are going to love most about these opening credits is the way that they pay tribute to this show's journey.

That said, despite the cameos and catchphrases, this is clearly its own series. Fuller House is a fresh start in familiar territory, and the opening credits prove it.

Image: Michael Yarish/Netflix