6 Makeup Mistakes Everyone's Made Before & How to Adjust The Habits

Makeup has the ability to completely transform your look. Whether you're seeking a slick, polished vibe that looks fresh at work, or a neon bright lip for a Friday night out, cosmetics allow you to constantly explore and reinvent yourself. But there are makeup mistakes everyone makes at some point or another, because it takes a little trial and error to figure out what works for you.

The good news is that a lot of other people are in the same boat (and posting obsessively about it), so it's easy to crowdsource makeup tips and steer clear of common pitfalls. In your research, you might be surprised to find that your tried-and-true routine isn't actually working as it should. For example, you might be layering makeup and over-powdering your face, but you could be achieving long-wear coverage with a one-and-done application. Or maybe you're excited about shaping your brows, but you've been a few shades off this whole time.

Below, you can check out a few of the most common makeup mistakes people make — as well as some amazing alternatives and solutions for these mistakes. Whether you've got puffy eyes or lipstick that won't stay put, these are the six makeup mistakes to avoid making.

Your Makeup Is Caking Under Your Eyes: Bring Down Puff By Prepping With Sea Fennel Wax Cream

Body Merry Eye Cream , $15, Amazon

The skin around your eyes is incredibly thin and sensitive. That means applying this ultra-hydrating cream before you even add cover-up is a must for disguising bags. The moisturizing formula encourages circulation under your eyes to bring down puffiness, while organic ingredients like sea fennel wax keep anyone from knowing about your late-night Netflix habit.

You're Using Too Much Powder: Avoid The Dusty Face With Multipurpose Mineral Powder...

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder , $40, Amazon

Avoid multiple kinds of powder reapplications by selecting the one that targets several skin issues at once. This Laura Mercier Mineral Powder has such rich color that it works as your priming foundation as well as your oil-absorbing powder. The SPF-15 tint's sunny glow creates a warming effect, too, so there's no need to cake on bronzer that will settle into fine lines later.

...Or Select a Cream And Powder Combo For Complete Coverage

Iman Cosmetics Cream to Powder Foundation, $16, Amazon

Better yet, avoid dusty powders altogether and get full coverage from this cream and powder combo for dark skin tones. The semi-matte finish is lightweight, which means you get a balanced blend of blemish protection without needing to worry about wearing a face full of products.

Your Cover-Up Is Creasing: Ditch The Lines With Hydrating Vitamin E

Smashbox Cosmetics Under-Eye Brightener , $20, Amazon

Makeup settles into lines and crusts around your lash line when the formula's too drying. Make sure to select the concealer that's packed with Vitamin E and red wine extract to not only hydrate that delicate under-eye skin, but conceal its darkness and even reflect light for a brightening effect.

Your Brows Match Your Hair Perfectly: Select the Complementary Color That's Not Matchy-Matchy

L'Oreal Brow Pencil, $7, Amazon

Your eyebrows should complement your hair, not match your strands perfectly. If you've got fair locks, get natural, smoothly blended brows with this pencil specifically formulated for blondes. Users say its creamy formula takes half as long to apply as others, and the add-on brush makes it easy to craft fierce brows with its rich pigment.

Smashbox Brow Tech Matte Pencil, $10, Amazon

If you have darker hair, you'll need the eyebrow pencil with cooler undertones. This one from makeup mecca Smashbox is also double-ended, meaning its micro-tip allows for precise lines, while the spiral brush perfectly blends the taupe shade with your natural color. The result is effortlessly defined brows that don't look too harsh or overdrawn.

Your Lipstick Fades, Leaving A Dark Outline: Invest in Longwear Lipstick In Trendy Colors

While overdrawn Kylie lips can be a lot of fun, multiple reapplications and constant maintenance are not. Keep lipstick in place (and looking as on-trend as ever) by selecting long-wearing shades in the selfie queen's favorite hues: classic red, trendy purple, and neutral beige.

Stila Stay-All-Day Liquid Lipstick, $24, Amazon

A big complaint about matte lipsticks is their tendency to dry you out: Not the case with this little Stila number. Not only does its liquid formula make a lipstick master out of anyone (apply on-the-go!), but it's infused with Vitamin E and avocado oil, which means no flaky red lips at 3 p.m.

Lime Crime Velvetines (Jinx), $20, Amazon

Even if you want a less traditional color, you can still get the full pillowed pout in purple. Lime Crime's matte lipsticks have collected a cult following of devotees because of their long-lasting, velvet-smooth wear. The long-lasting color is transfer-proof, and an electrifying tone like will certainly leave an impression.

Nars Satin Lipstick (Bilbao), $14, Amazon

Get that fresh flush with the satin-smooth matte lip color that complements all types of skin tones. The Nars-patented formula covers your lips in nourishing antioxidants that ensure your lips stay hydrated and healthy, all while being coated in a beige-y rose color that won't wear off later.

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