When Will Zayn Malik's "It's You" Music Video Be On YouTube? Fan Demand Is Incredibly High

Zayn Malik, I love you, but you are stirring up controversy in my heart right now, and I don't care for it. I could beat around the bush for a second, but why bother — when will "It's You" be on YouTube? I'm sure you have fans aplenty who are willing to drop a quick $1.99 on your second solo music video ever, but I'm one of those gals who likes to take my time and see how the water is before diving right in. And, yes, I'm aware that this sounds like I don't have two dollars to spare for a deserving music video; I have two dollars. That's not the point. The point is that I'd like to see your music video first, dearest Zayn, before deciding whether I need to add it to my permanent library. And the place I generally like to watch things for free is on YouTube, so I guess what I'm wondering is, when are you gonna put it there?

The bad news is, unfortunately, we don't have an exact date yet, although Bustle has reached out to Zayn's representatives and is hopeful for a response, because we'd love to get a date on the calendar. But the good news is that there's such high fan demand that I can't imagine "It's You" being held off of YouTube for much longer than the weekend. So many people are talking about it and writing about it and wishing and hoping and praying for it, that I have a feeling it will trickle down into our waiting arms by Feb. 29 at the latest.

Surely this is why 2016 has an extra day in it, right? For I can think of no better use for a Leap Day than for us to be blessed with "It's You" on YouTube. Cross your Leap Fingers. With this many fans tweeting their need to watch "It's You" on YouTube, like, yesterday, there's no way we'll be left waiting for very long. Hang in there, guys.