6 Stylish & Easy Hairstyles To Try For Work

Sometimes, the last thing you feel like doing in the morning is your hair. And yes — by "sometimes," I mean "daily." If your previous day started with an early-morning meeting and ended with way too many rounds at happy hour with your coworkers, you'll want to find easy hairstyles to wear to work in the morning. After all, wouldn't you much rather spend the extra time in bed?

Even on those can-barely-open-my-eyes, need-a-latte-ASAP mornings, you have a ton of options: You can throw your hair into a chic and classic top knot, try something new with a pulled-together (yet adorably boho) braided look, or add feminine waves for a soft, professional 'do. In other words, you don't have to convince your office that the "bedhead" look is so in right now.

These looks are so easy that you'll still have time to go to Starbucks, grab your soy chai, and spend your precious pre-work hour scrolling through your social media feeds (we're all guilty). In no time, "topknot and Instagram" will be your new "Netflix and chill." Just follow these simple steps, snag the necessary products and accessories, and every day at the office will be a fabulous hair day.

Soft & Beachy Waves

Easy to achieve with just a few tools and products for an effortless-looking 'do, soft and beachy waves are perfect for any day at the office. Just twist in your toustles with a damage-free ceramic wand, upgrade the casual look with a Gatsby-style hair band for instant work-event appropriateness, and don't forget to add shine and hold with a wavy finishing spray. They bring the beach right to your desk (just please don't remove your shoes).

Soft & Beachy Waves Essential No. 1: Ceramic Curling Wand With Digital Display

Remington Digital Ceramic Curling Wand, 1/2-1 Inch , $21, Amazon

To achieve this free-flowing 'do, start by prepping your hair with thermal protecting spray before using a ceramic curling wand — it comes with a heat styling glove to create easy, ouch-free waves. Just twist one-inch strands around the wand to create a soft style that's great for work. The wand has an automatic off button, so don't worry if you're rushing and accidentally forget to press it.

Soft & Beachy Waves Essential No. 2: Gatsby-Level Bling for Unexpected Edge

Black Gunmetal Grey Beaded Floral Leaf Headband, $14, Amazon

To add an eye-catching detail into this feminine style, incorporate a sparkly, '20s-inspired headband. Fans say this beaded, hand-sewn hair accessory is equally as cute as it is comfortable. With its retro influence, you'll add a bit of flapper girl fun to even the most boring work event.

Soft & Beachy Waves Essential No. 3: Wavy Hair Finishing Spray for Hold & Shine

Nexxus Spray Finishing Spray With Silk Extract, $10, Amazon

When you're finished, spray this maximum hold finishing spray to secure your look. It's created with silk extract to give wavy hair 24-hour, soft-to-touch hold. No more frozen-solid fly-aways in your 'do!

Classic High Top Knot

For a chic top knot, simply pull hair to the crown of your head, gently wrapping it and pinning hair underneath the bun. For a fun update to this classic look, blow dry your bangs forward, using a specialized bang brush for added volume. Pro tip: For a knot that will wrap and hold perfectly, try this style on unwashed, next-day hair, pushing up fly-aways and loose ends behind a statement-making headband.

Top Knot Essential No. 1: Bang Brush for Texturizing Strands

Mini Nylon Hair Bristle Round Brush 1.1-Inch Diameter, $8, Amazon

Trying to run a large barrel brush under your bangs can be frustrating and lead to too much volume. This small 1-inch brush is the perfect size for giving your bangs just enough oomph. It's thin and round for easy blow drying, and it features nylon hair bristles, which is the best for working through normal to thick hair types.

Top Knot Essential No. 2: Comfy Elastic Headband That Won't Ache Later

Multi Color Beaded Fashion Headband, $17, Amazon

For a pop of color to brighten up your Monday at work, this multi-hued rhinestone elastic headband is a cute and trendy way to step up your top knot 'do. It's shiny and eye-catching on top, and it has a sneaky elastic band underneath that won't ruin your look — and won't cause you discomfort while you're sitting through your extra-long meeting.

Chic, Side-Swept Ponytail

Start by prepping your strands with a hair-softening heat protectant spray to seal the cuticle. Then, starting with the bottom section of your hair, smooth hair using a ceramic plated flat iron to minimize damage and speed up results. Once hair is straight, make a dramatic side part and tightly slick your hair to the side. Secure the hair at the sides with an gorgeous set of match-anything pins that shows you went the extra mile for a polished pony.

Chic, Side-Swept Ponytail Essential No. 1: Minimal, Outfit-Making Pins

Marc by Marc Jacobs Women's Pave Disc Hair Pin Set , $41, Amazon

Slip pave crystal Marc by Marc Jacobs hair pins into your side part for a chic, decorative touch to your sleek pony. The set comes with three black and gold pins that can be worn separately for subtlety or worn together to make a bolder statement.

Bold Boho Braid

If you like fun boho looks and want to wear one to work, select the style that remains practical while giving you the eye-catching style you love. Start by sectioning off and french-braiding one side of your hair — until you reach your ear. Mirror your moves on the other side, and fasten the two sections together with the elastic that doubles as an accessory. You can add brilliant dimension with a shine-inducing hair spray, while holding all the little pieces in place.

Bold Boho Braid Essential No. 1: Gilded Hair Cuff And Elastic-In-One

L. Erickson Atelier Enamel Cuff Pony , $22, Amazon

Secure your ponytail with this thick cuff elastic band that is both damage-free and one step up from your everyday hair tie. It hides the elastic, and it gives you a chic, grown-up ponytail update that will complete your sleek style.

Bold Boho Braid Essential No. 2: Shaping, Shine-Inducing Hair Spray

W8less Plus Extra Strong Hair Spray by Rusk, $8, Amazon

Finish with this extra-strong, shine-infusing hairspray that is recommended for daytime wear. This product goes on weightless and will fight the day's frizz and fly-aways as you run to stay on time for your 1 p.m. lunch meeting downtown.

Loose & Low Braid

Don't want something as structured as a sleek french braid? Try the low, loose braid, which is easy and perfect for casual Fridays at the office. Before braiding, use a frizz-fighting detangler and damage-free, oil-infused comb to gently remove tangles that lead to lumpy braids later. Then, braid your ponytail to the side and let a few pieces hang loose to frame your face. Hold it all together with bump-free fabric elastics that won't leave any indents in your strands. (That means your Friday night still gets to be a wear-your-hair-down event.)

Loose & Low Braid Essential No. 1: Frizz-Free Detangling Spray

Original Sprout Miracle Detangler Spray (12 oz), $27, Amazon

Make hair as silky smooth as possible for easy braiding by gently pulling this frizz-fighting, vegan, and sulfate-free moisturizing detangler spray through your locks before styling. It's made with refreshing, organic ingredients that glide easily through your strands. Users praise it as "the best detangler ever."

Loose & Low Braid Essential No. 2: Oil-Infused, Snag-Free Comb

ScalpMaster Argan Oil Infused Detangling Comb , $6, Amazon

This argan oil infused comb works through each strand to remove knots, lend your hair a silky texture, and fight frizz. Its wide-tooth design and will leave you with a sleek, flyaway-free braid your coworkers will be asking about.

Loose & Low Braid Essential No. 3: Pretty, Bump-Free Elastics

Hair Ties Ponytail Holder, $9, Amazon

Instead of securing your braid with the usual black, chunky hair tie or scrunchie, keep things locked in with one of these 20 snag-free hair elastics. They're a subtle way to keep your entire look mature and professional. Bonus: They're hand-washable and won't create annoying hair creases.

Grown-Up Messy Bun

This fun, messy bun can be seen everywhere from blogs to magazine covers to your Instagram feed. Take hair that is lightly sprizted with a texture spray for a piecey effect, and pull it to the crown of your head before twisting it into a messy bun and securing with pins. Voila! Who said you can't be professional, trendy, and just a little bit messy?

Grown-Up Messy Bun Essential No. 1: Full-Volume Bun Shaper

Wleec Beauty Hair Donut Bun Maker, $13, Amazon

If you're looking to create a more defined, structured shape with your messy bun, then this simple-to-use bun styling kit (which comes with small, medium, and large sponges) is just what you need. These sponges cater to all hair lengths and hair types. To create the perfect high bun, just make a ponytail and cover the sponge with your hair before securing with pins to create a full bun that stays locked in place during your hectic 9-to-5 (and longer) day.

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