In Other News: July 8, 2013

In Quebec, the fallout from a massive crude oil explosion on Sunday is still raging. Five people have been confirmed dead and dozens are missing after a train carrying oil derailed and burst into flames. Two thousand people have evacuated the area.

Nearly half of infants are now born with flat spots on their heads, some of which require corrective surgery—and it's all because of us. Most parents heed strong recommendations to place babies flat on their backs to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and the time infants spend on their backs has led to the increase in the flat spots, also known as—deep breath now—"positional plagiocephaly.

If you didn't already know, intimates currently on hunger strike are are being force-feed at Guantanamo Bay. Here, you can watch a disturbing but important video of Mos Def—you read that right—undergoing the procedure.


Slate has taken serious issue with the Wall Street Journal's climate-change op-eds, calling them "mind-numbingly bad and outright ridiculous" in their alleged quasi-denial of global warming. Here's their explainer.

The government is investigating University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for allegedly punishing a rape survivor after she named and—quote, unquote—"intimidated" her rapist after the attack. Go, Feds!

Leaked documents reveal new details about bin Laden's nine-year residency in Pakistan, and the drastic measures he and his family took to remain undercover. Hint: cowboy hats were involved.

Ever wondered why hotels give you shower caps, soap, shampoo and conditioner—but not toothpaste? Is it a conspiracy to ruin holiday-goers' teeth?! Well, thank God, someone's finally done a thorough investigation on the phenomenon.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The White House is dealing with a petition today to change the national anthem. To Miley Cyrus' "Party In The USA." One strong-willed petitioner wrote: "It is what is best for this country." (Democracy at its finest.)

Pictured: The future of America.

Since everyone else is collecting your metadata, Immersion has joined the party to create something pretty: at your request, it'll collect your Gmail data and turn it into this cool, stretchy visualization.

Apparently, Google interns are terrorizing their neighbors in Silicon Valley, throwing loud and raucous parties that have led to a whole bunch of angry complaints. You guys!

Ever wondered what New York City would look like if is was on Mars? Mercury? Jupiter? Well now you do. Here you go!

The 70s-era Schoolhouse Rock! song, "I'm Just A Bill", has been wonderfully remixed in this parody that takes aim at new controversial Texan legislation (which, if you remember, would ban abortions after 20 weeks and red-tape a lot of abortion legislation in the state).