Dave Grohl Performing "Blackbird" For The Oscars In Memoriam Is The Perfect Way To Honor Those We Lost — VIDEO

While most of the Academy Awards ceremony is all good fun, one part is very sad: The Oscars In Memoriam. This year the Academy honored the talented people we've lost this year including David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and more. The 2016 memoriam was an emotional one set to Dave Grohl playing The Beatles' "Blackbird," and it was honestly the perfect tribute.

Grohl performed the number on an acoustic guitar which helped keep things simple and raw, but he was also backed by a beautiful orchestra which really drove the sentimental tune home. There's no easy way to say goodbye to such talented people, but it was nice that Grohl was tapped to honor those we've lost this year. He wasn't a flashy choice like, say, a Lady Gaga would have been, so it kept the focus on those the Academy was honoring. But, his level of artistic talent was also superb, so he was able to give the actors, publicists, writers, etc. the tribute they so deserved.

It was a sweet homage to these great people, and it made pretty much everyone very emotional, as evidenced by some people's reactions on Twitter. Those honored were all gone too soon, but they'll never be forgotten.