Fresh Blood At TBS? What Does It All Mean?

Today very good news for up and coming screenwriters came from the mighty desks of two notable television networks. TNT and TBS are teaming up with the Black List, an online database of scripts and scriptwriters, to hunt for new talent for upcoming pilots. Not only is this an unmitigated success for lesser known writers toiling in obscurity with Oscar-worthy scripts, it might also be a sign of changing tides for these two well known networks, TBS in particular. Personally, I could easily see this being the beginning of a new TBS, perhaps in keeping with the AMC model of reinvention, since fresh blood means a potential departure from the comforting but tired tropes TBS has been functioning in since I can remember. Sure, Cougar Town is a barrel of laughs, no doubt about it, but it would also be refreshing to see some new, perhaps grittier shows from unknown writers in amongst the canned laughs and girl-meets-boy sugary treats TBS is most known for.

After all, someone has to vet the Stephen Moffats, Vince Gilligans and Jenji Kohans of tomorrow, and TBS would be a really good jumping off point, a meeting of needs and minds, so to speak. As for TNT, perhaps this will lead away from the cop-heavy line-up that is their current spate of shows, but I'm pretty enthusiastic about cop dramas, so I refuse to say any more about what they do or don't need. All in all, this is great news, for TNT and TBS, but also for every young and hungry writer with a great script, who has been waiting for an opportunity just like this. Let the games begin!

Image: TBS