'Quantum Leap's Scott Bakula's Getting A Big Shot

I am a person under the age of 25, so I mainly know Quantum Leap from there references other shows sometimes make to it. Remember when Leslie Knope had the flu and introduced Ben Wyatt as Scott Bakula? Delightful! Regardless of my own lack of firsthand knowledge of Quantum Leap, however I do know who Scott Bakula is, and I appreciate him. Which is why I guess I'm happy that Bakula's got a new NCIS show to star in.

It's not like Bakula's been out of work since his Quantum Leap days — far from it, actually. He was a main dude in Men Of A Certain Age with Andre Braugher and Ray Romano, Papa Jeff in The New Adventures Of Old Christine, Trip Weston in Desperate Housewives, and (most memorably to yours truly) dad to the title character in Chuck, and that's not even the end of the list. There's a ton more, and most recently he appeared in HBO's new Looking.

Now, Bakula will star in the (Inevitable? Inevitable) NCIS spinoff in New Orleans, which is probably good news for the citizens of the world who love endless procedurals like NCIS. His character is Special Agent Pride, and he's described as a guy who "embodies New Orleans," so make of that what you will. His character description marks him as a man with a “need to do what’s right and does it all with warmth, passion, strength and humor. He’s a unique federal agent working in one of this country’s most unique cities.”