Betty White Will Fight You

Getty ready to see the Hot in Cleveland star like you've never seen her before: Betty White is slated to star on WWE's Monday Night Raw on Monday, February 10! The 92-year-old actress, who is undoubtedly one of the most hilarious and zest-filled actresses out there, is surely going to delight fans with this appearance. Back in 2010, her very loyal and adoring following started a petition on Facebook back in 2010 to get the Golden Girl into the ring. There's no word on whether she'll fight one of the Divas or Superstars, or just appear as a host, but she'll be there, alright! The venn diagram that is wrestling fans and Betty White fans intersects! What seems like a paradox at first glance, actually seems quite fitting. No, Betty doesn't seem like a pro-wrestler, but don't you think she'd make a great commenter? I sure as hell do (and for the old lady's sake, kinda hope that's all she's doing).

Betty White's surely on a roll — Hot In Cleveland is in its fifth season, and the woman does a killer guest spot on just about everything. She also just celebrated her 92nd birthday a few weeks ago. Woman's unstoppable!

For those unfamiliar with the show, Monday Night Raw brings WWE stars of both genders into the ring in front of a live audience to get, uh, raw. You know, like that aggressive wrestling jump-on-each-other stuff. The show airs Mondays on USA.