You've Never Seen Trump And Bernie Like This

Super Tuesday is upon us, and chances are your eyes are glued to the news as the results trickle in state by state. But, while you are constantly refreshing Twitter and wondering out loud if Donald Trump can possibly pull this off, allow me to redirect your focus to another square-off worth paying attention to: Fusion's Trump Vs. Bernie video series. OK sure, this is all satire, but in an election season that has already seemed to stretch the boundaries of reality, it seems fitting that we take a small break from all the drama at the polls for a second and get a comical glimpse at how each candidate really feels about what's going down.

According to Deadline, we'll all get to see a much different side to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as they are played by professional actors who will show us a satirical behind the scenes look at what actually happens on Super Tuesday. Trump, played by Anthony Atamanuik, and Sanders, portrayed by James Adomian, accidentally wind up sharing a hotel room in the first installment, which will begin live streaming Feb. 1 at 8 p.m. PST. Together, the unlikely duo will provide commentary and reactions to the primaries while in character as the results of Super Tuesday become clear.

Of course, the Super Tuesday drama that will likely unfold IRL is probably just as attention-grabbing, but in case you want to know what Sanders and Trump are really thinking, the sketch is a funny way to get inside their heads (although to be fair, you can probably just hit up Trump's Twitter feed tomorrow for that info, as far as he's concerned).

Check out the live stream at, and on the F-Comedy Facebook page.

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