'Super Mario Tuesday' Is The Video '90s Kids Need

Whether you're looking for a fun way to celebrate your candidate's Super Tuesday win or a way to dull the pain of a result that you're less than thrilled about, Mashable's "Super Mario Tuesday" videos will give you a whole new way to experience the 2016 election's biggest night yet.

"Super Mario Tuesday" is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a series of videos, painstakingly styled to look like classic Super Mario Bros. games, that let you know which candidate has won each state.

Different states are represented by different levels — for instance, Trump's win in Tennessee is symbolized by Mario romping in an underground zone, avoiding some precariously stacked turtles:

While Clinton's win in Alabama sees Mario fighting squid and vicious fish while swimming towards the level's end:

Of course, while the videos may look like exact replicas of the games you played in someone's rec room many years ago, there are some subtle differences — the gold coins that Mario grabs spell out the name of the state in question — and I'm fairly certain that classic Super Mario games didn't end with a digital portrait of the winning candidate's face, as these do.

You can follow along and look for new videos as the night's results come in on Mashable's 2016 Super Tuesday live coverage page, or by searching #SuperMarioTuesday on Twitter. And if the candidate you support doesn't get a great turn out tonight, don't think of them as losing...think of them as people whose princess is in another castle.