When Will The Kylie Lip Kit In 22 Be Restocked? This Orange Shade Should Come Back Soon

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that Kylie Jenner's new orange Lip Kit color, dubbed "22", went on sale for the first time on Monday, Feb. 29. If you have been following the pattern of these unicorn lippies, you also know that the shade sold out yet again (shocker), in just minutes. If you're one of the many who couldn't get your hands on the highly coveted kit, you are probably wondering — when will the "22" Kylie Lip Kit be restocked?!

Fortunately, Jenner seems to be super dedicated to her makeup loving fans, because each time the lip lacquers sold out, she has promised a restock, and always delivered on her promise. This time should be no different, then.

The 18-year-old has been great with keeping fans posted on the latest Kylie Lip Kit updates. In fact, on Monday Feb. 29, the same day "22" went on sale and sold out, Jenner was quick to calm everyone's worries, tweeting, "We have continued making more for the next restock coming very soon." A fan then responded to that tweet, asking if March 21st is too soon to expect a restock. Jenner replied with "Before that," which means really soon!!! Looks like our prayers have been answered.

Here is the twitter exchange for evidence.


Keep you eye on Jenner's social media for the next clue, as she is bound to release the restock date soon.

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