What Does 'ColleGrove' Mean? Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz's Album Title Is The Perfec

Wow, it really is an embarrassment of riches in the music world right now. Not only did Kendrick Lamar do a surprise-release of his new album untitled unmastered., but Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz released their new collaboration. I'm excited to listen to it, but, before I even get to that, there's something I'm curious about — what does the album title ColleGrove mean? I definitely haven't heard it before, and I wouldn't even know how to pronounce it; does that mean it's some new word the kids are using to describe their hoverboards or something? Or maybe it's the new shoes that Damn Daniel is wearing instead of white Vans? Do we even call him "Damn Daniel?" You guys, I am panicking.

The more guesses I take, the more anxious I get that I'm missing something cool and millennial, so how about I give you the real answer so we can get to the bottom of this? As it turns out, there's a simple explanation behind the title: it's a combination of the names of each rapper's hometown. 2 Chainz is from College Park, Georgia, and Lil Wayne is from Hollygrove, in New Orleans, Louisiana, so Collegrove is the perfect title to reflect their collaboration.

Very very clever, guy.! Here's hoping the album itself is just as ingenious, but so far I'm sold from the title alone. Congratulations, 2 Waynz! (See what I did there?)

Image: Giphy