This Adults-Only Bouncy House Is Proof That Dreams Can Come True

This is not a drill: an adults-only bouncy house is now a thing that exists. You probably remember bouncy houses from your youth. They were those huge, inflatable plastic rooms of joy in which you could jump and love your life. Unfortunately, there is usually a weight limit (and adults were never allowed). Thankfully, like the Gilmore Girls revival series and Nutella to-go packs, the universe knew what we needed to truly thrive, and it delivered.

To celebrate the success of Candy Crush Jelly Saga, the game that you were addicted to for three to seven months sometime over the past two years, set up bouncy houses along the shores of the Thames. So, you have to be in England to get in on the fun, but you know, minor technicalities. The houses are located right by Tower Bridge. They smell like raspberries, and every time you jump on a certain square, a Candy Crush sound effect is played.

So, yes, you understand correctly: this is Candy Crush IRL. But that's not even all (Candy Crush developers really know how to deliver what the people want...). There's also a contest going on for an iPad Mini. To score it, all you have to do is go into the Bouncingham Castle and find any four inflatable candies of the same color to "stun" the Jelly Queen. Then you must take a selfie with the candies, and post it to Twitter using the hashtag #BouncinghamComp.

Basically, you get to play a grown up, IRL version of Candy Crush, with actual rewards and prizes. It's pretty much the coolest idea we've heard of in a long time. Check out these people enjoying it themselves:

It's like the weirdest mix of childhood wonder and adulthood joy.

A slow motion take of the action:

The only question left is, how many of these people won iPads, too?!

The envy is consuming...

Images: Unsplash