Did Ellie Kemper's Mom Throw Her Under the Bus?

Celebrity moms, they’re just like ours! In the sense that our moms can simultaneously be our biggest champions and critics all at once, as Ellie Kemper hilariously pointed out on last night’s Conan . The Bridesmaids and Office star sat down with the late night host with the most hair and chatted about her recent stint guest hosting on Ellen. While the afternoon dancing queen was out sick, she called in some of her pals to pop in and cover for her.

And even though Ellie called the gig “one of the best days of my life,” her mom was all-too-quick to jump on the “That audience must have been really disappointed” boat. And sure, the folks waiting in line all day to see Ellen and ended up seeing Ellie instead may have been a bit bummed at first. However, Kemper is an absolute dee-light and her hosting gig was full of wonderful bits like sporting comically massive eyebrows with Neil Patrick Harris and a contest that involved audience members stuffing oversized boxers with balloons. Daytime programming at its finest!

Fret not, Kemper said the audience was super welcoming. And how could they not be? Ellen is basically the nicest person ever, and her fans surely follow suit.

Ellie’s hosting spot also has us even more excited for her yet-to-be-titled NBC sitcom written and produced by none other than Tina Fey. The story follows a young woman played by Kemper who moves to New York City after joining a cult. Oh I’m sorry, did you just snart a little? That’s okay, us too.

Image: TheEllenShow/Instagram