3 Ways To Switch Up Your Hair-Styling Routine — VIDEO

I'm always looking for ways to spice things up, whether it's the color of my lipstick, my workout routine, or my love life. But when it comes down to my hair, it's always a no-go. I haven't cut off more than two inches since middle school, and the thought of any other hair color aside from my natural brown locks puts me at extreme unease. Quite frankly, I think my self-diagnosed hair anxiety stems back to my childhood when my mom used to cut my bangs herself. (I haven't had bangs since.)

But then I found out about TRESemmé's new reverse-wash system, which is exactly what it sounds like: a pre-wash conditioner followed by a shampoo, which gives hair soft, touchable volume without weighing it down. I was intrigued by this simple switch, and it gave me the urge to try even more techniques that didn't require scissors or dye. Lucky for me, there are many low-commitment (but high-impact) ways to switch up my hair-styling routine — I just needed a little inspiration from the pros.

In partnership with TRESemmé's Beauty-FULL Volume Reverse Wash System, stylist John D showed us three easy ways to freshen up our hair without making big changes. Whether it's trying a new conditioner and shampoo method or flipping your part, you'll be surprised by how versatile your hair can be.

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This post is sponsored by TRESemmé.

Makeup: Nick Barose; Hair: John D