How To Apply Makeup In The Right Order (According To The Pros) — VIDEO

As a beauty junkie, I have the rules to layering my skin care products down to a science. You always start with the lightest formulas (those are your serums), wait a few minutes before applying your vitamin C (or whatever other potent antioxidant you'd like), and finish with the heavy-duty moisturizers and sunscreens. And much like my skin care routine, I know there is a proper order to applying my makeup. But unfortunately, I haven't figured that out yet. My concealer mysteriously disappears by the time I grab lunch, and my highlighter magically intensifies to the point where I'm beaming like a disco ball.

So in partnership with TRESemmé's Beauty-FULL Volume Reverse Wash System, we enlisted the help of celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose to guide us in the right direction and spill all of his makeup-application secrets. You'll no longer have to wonder what to use first: foundation or concealer? eyeliner or eyeshadow? And most importantly, you'll learn when to highlight. (Spoiler: not until the very end.) As Barose advised, "Foundation naturally warms up on the skin over time so people tend to over-highlight by applying too much of it. Instead, save it for last so you can see how much of a glow you really need."

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Image: Bianca Consunji/ Bustle; Makeup: Nick Barose; Hair: John D