Paul Walker's Custody & Will Complications

It's been over two months since Paul Walker's death, but it's now we're hearing about Walker's will and the status of the custody of his daughter, Meadow Walker. Because according to recent reports, Meadow's residence might not be as simple as going back to her mom's place in Hawaii. Predictably and sweetly, Walker left his $25 million fortune to Meadow, according to the will documents obtained by TMZ. Meadow is, however, only 15 years old, and as such needs an adult to serve as custodian of the fortune.

Meadow, who was living with her father in Los Angeles (Walker described the living situation as a "perfect" one in an interview with Us Weekly), has been back to living with her mother, Rebecca Soteros, in Hawaii since his death. But Walker's parents, Paul Walker III and Cheryl Walker, are petitioning for the appointment of Cheryl as Meadow's guardian, which is what Walker requested in his will.

How this will play out is yet to be seen — the court hearing which will supposedly decide all this isn't scheduled until later this month.

Legal complications like this aren't at all uncommon following someone's death, and that can be doubly true when that someone happens to have been both wealthy and a parent.