Caila Hints She'll Be 'The Bachelorette' On 'The Women Tell All,' Because She's Totally Ready For Love Again

If there was any doubt in your mind that Caila Quinn is poised to be the next Bachelorette, let her appearance on Women Tell All be the final piece of evidence that convinces you. From the moment she sat down to talk to Chris Harrison, I had a feeling that Caila would essentially lay down a solid Bachelorette audition, and she didn't disappoint. Because not only is she still hurting, but she also made it seem like she's ready for her real love to come along, and who doesn't want to root for someone like that?!

At first, Caila watched the footage of her love story with Ben back, and later on admitted that it's the first time she's seen those scenes. She was obviously really heartbroken to see herself in love with someone who would eventually hurt her, and it seems like those emotions are pretty raw. But, then, she said something incredibly mature that really surprised me: She's really glad to have seen how much Ben loves JoJo and Lauren, because it made her realize that she wants someone who will look at her like that someday.

Whether you're hoping that Caila is the next Bachelorette or not, you have to admit that does tug at your heartstrings. Even if you didn't like her, it's hard to argue that her feelings for Ben were real, and so was her heartbreak when he sent her home after the Fantasy Suite dates. It's hard to see her relive that pain, but it's great to hear that she seems to be moving on and realizing there's something out there that's better for her.

Meanwhile, I'll be here, waiting for the big Bachelorette announcement. Don't be surprised if Caila gets that shot at love she deserves!

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC