Paul O’Neill Supports Donald Trump & Some Yankee Fans Are Crying A Little Inside

At his Super Tuesday 2 press conference in Florida, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump name-dropped a few of the folks who have come forward to encourage the billionaire's presidential campaign. Americans have had the time necessary to absorb these endorsements for most of the mentions in Trump's speech — Sarah's Palin's support surprised no one, and Chris Christie's weirdly fast and furious backing of Trump may have annoyed some until the March 1 press conference happened. But Americans did not go unfazed for all the big names spoken by Trump on Tuesday evening. New York Yankee Paul O'Neill supports Donald Trump for president, and people are super upset about the particular celebrity endorsement.

Fans of the New York baseball franchise, which called O'Neill one of its members for nine seasons, learned of the right fielder's candidate preference when O'Neill made an appearance at Trump's press conference to wrap up Super Tuesday 2.

That wasn't all, though. Trump made several shout outs to the baseball player during his Q&A, and took a few seconds of speaking time away from discussing his own achievements to talk about the O'Neill's athletic victories. The presidential hopeful stated that when O'Neill was on the Yanks, he basically did no wrong. "He just didn't make mistakes," Trump said. "I love that kind of a guy."

Plenty of baseball fans in New York and across the country love O'Neill too. And for those fans that aren't as fond of the Donald, the news of the Yankee's choice was tough to take.

Some chose to make light of the situation.

Maybe it would bring some sort of consolation to O'Neill admirers if his endorsement of Trump actually led to the "Warrior" being a member of the next White House administration.