Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Female Athletes To Watch: Jamie Anderson, Yuna Kim, and More

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The highly-anticipated 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games start Feb. 6, with the introduction of snowboard slopestyle and team figure skating. During the opening ceremonies the next day, we'll see both familiar and new faces vying for gold and glory. Despite the controversies over the exclusion of gays in Russia and the questionable living conditions in Sochi (remember the double-toilet photo?), the Games are sure to highlight some kick-ass competitors.

Did you know that women weren't able to compete in the ancient Olympics? This was probably because the Games were conducted in the nude and was not considered respectable for Greek ladies. However, they had their own Olympic-type competition to honor the Greek god Hera, and it might have been as old as the traditional Games themselves.

Of course, times have changed. Female athletes have come a long way, as these impressive women prove.

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