Start Prepping For Their Wedding, Like Now

You guys might think that you didn't need to prepare for the Kimye wedding but this news will make you realize otherwise. It's been reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will get married in May rather than the vague "this summer" we've been hearing all along. Was I right? Are you now saying, "Oh my gawd! Whaaat? I didn't even know I cared, but that is just too soon?" Thought so.

According to a source that spoke with Us Weekly, the Paris wedding — which was rumored to be held at the Palace of Versailles — will now be in May. The source didn't say why but we can assume it's either that they love each other so much they can't wait or because Ryan Seacrest rules all and is forcing them. The Daily Mail has a different take on the situation saying that a source told them Kardashian wants to have another child later this year and doesn't want to be pregnant at her wedding. "The goal now is to start trying after they get married." Because Kim Kardashian probably didn't tell a rando when she plans to conceive, I'm going with the Ryan Seacrest thing.

The US Weekly source went on to say that their daughter North West "will have a large role in the wedding" whatever that means. North West will be almost a year old in May, so she could be rolled down the aisle in a wagon, but that's about it. I'm sure West and Kardashian can come up with something better than that, but I am really not on their level when it comes to being over-the-top. Expect North to do more than just be a cute baby in a wagon is all I'm saying.

A second source that spoke with the magazine said that the couple are planning "lots of events leading up to the big day." Sounds about right. I'm pretty sure Kim Kardashian's entire life is a series of events. Like, sponsored events or parties, not the normal series of events that the rest of us get.

If this wedding really is being moved forward, you have three months to prepare yourself for the onslaught of photos, news reports, and E! commercials that are about to start. The best thing to do is remain calm and keep in mind that even though it will feel like the Kimye wedding talk never end, it will stop at some point. Then they'll have South West and the craziness will start all over.