The GOP Debate Cough Has A Twitter Account

Everyone's favorite sick sound has returned to the GOP debate. The 12th and final Republican spectacle may have had just four candidates onstage at the University of Miami, but it appears as if one or more of them came packing one wallop of a cough they just couldn't seem to stifle. The congested interruptions are nothing new to debates on the right, to the point that the GOP debate cough has its own Twitter account. The mysterious coughing fit has been occasionally interrupting the debate and tweeting its exploits throughout the evening.

The cough first made its presence known all the way back in October, when everyone's favorite exclamation point, Jeb Bush, flubbed through his closing statements and coughed. A lot. It was enough to make voters question the former Florida governor's very electability. The GOP debate cough then moved onto retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who carried that congestion with him for a full month, from the December debate to the following event held in January. Given the fact that both Bush and Carson had to suspend their campaigns, heavily trailing their competition, many are wondering if the GOP debate cough could be the kiss of death for a candidate.

As the debate entered its closing statements, the mystery of the GOP cough was yet to be solved. Carson is set to endorse front-runner Donald Trump, thus many viewers have hypothesized that he's returned to the debate stage... or at least his coughing has made a special cameo appearance. Whomever has been hacking and sniffling all debate long may very well be the next candidate to call it quits on the campaign trail. The GOP debate cough itself may be able to shed some light on just who, exactly, has been battling what sounds like a pretty bad cold all evening long.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio debated on his home turf in Miami. The city's mayor has endorsed him, and he has held campaign events in nearby Hialeah in an effort to gain further support from Florida voters. The Sunshine State is winner-take-all. Though Rubio trails heavily in third place, a big win in his home state may be exactly what it takes for him to continue to seek the Republican presidential nomination. Of course, if the GOP debate cough has anything to do with it, Rubio may very well be on the verge of calling in sick and suspending his campaign.