How Many Piercings Does Justin Bieber Have? The Singer Is A Fan Of Body Art

If you thought the 90s weren't making a fashion comeback, think again. Justin Bieber debuted a new nose ring recently, and it immediately brought me back to the days when grungy-chic style was all the rage. The pop star totally threw me for a loop with his new nose bling, which let me to wonder — how many piercings does Justin Bieber have? The answer might actually surprise you.

The 22-year-old didn't deliberately show off his nose ring in his cryptic Instagram selfie, but that didn't stop fans from spotting the tiny stud on the side of his nose. At first, this news came as a bit of a surprise, you know, since nose rings are so 1999, but then I realized it made perfect sense. We know that the Biebs is a huge fan of body art — he's got his fair share of tattoos, after all. And after a little digging, I discovered that he is a fan of piercings, as well. Before you start picturing the singer with a hidden nipple ring or something, let me assure you, it's not as wild as you may think.

It turns out that JB has his ears pierced. Add in the nose ring and that makes a total of three piercings.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Remember when he showed up to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards rocking earrings in both ears?

I've got to say, the more I look at his piercing, the more I dig it.

I wonder what kind of body art he will shock us with next!