New Feminist Anthem From Anna Wise, Kendrick Lamar Collaborator, Is Your New Favorite Thing

Being a woman is kind of like living a perpetual catch-22 — dress modestly and you're a prude, don't and you're asking for it; be polite and you're a tease, don't and you're a bitch; wear makeup and you're trying too hard, don't and you should really make more of an effort; the list goes on. And these double standards are perfectly summed up in Anna Wise's new feminist anthem "BitchSlut." Between the message and the beat, this song will keep you dancing forever.

Anna Wise, most famous for collaborating with Kendrick Lamar, told Buzzfeed that the song is inspired by her own experience and those of her friends. "Men try to trap us in this ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ labyrinth of judgment," she said. "The message of BitchSlut is very clear — it’s a declaration of freedom.”

Fresh off her Grammy win for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration this year, Wise wrote and directed "BitchSlut" and its music video — which was apparently filmed on an iPhone6, impressively enough. The video consists entirely of shots of Wise as she sings and dances everywhere from a bedroom to a Hollywood street to a lot surrounded by dumpsters. Because really, no matter where you are, this garbage is all around you.

The whole thing is awesome, from the lyrics to the catchy tune to Wise rocking her curves in a two piece swimsuit.

And here are just a few of the observations about things that cause women to be called a bitch or a slut — or both:

'Cause You Dress Up

'Cause You Dress Down

'Cause You Said No

'Cause You Slept Around

'Cause Your Hair's Long

'Cause You Shaved It Off

And if all this seems hopelessly convoluted, the basic theme, as she points out, is actually simple:

"If I Say No I'm Aa Bitch, Say Yes I'm A Slut"

Yeah, you have to listen to this song.