This Song Will Cure What Ails You

The general consensus seems to be that everyone's pretty much over winter. Sure, the snow was fun...until it became a "Snowpocalypse." Now everyone's got some form of illness and we haven't seen the sun for three days. In other words, bring on the seasonal depression. But before you go knocking the season's germiest side effect, let Aimee Mann and David Wain tell you about the common cold. You see, the common cold doesn't want to hurt you...it really loves you! Why do you think it keeps coming back so often? Remember all those times you laid in bed together all day? But you just keep trying to get rid of it. For shame.

Of course, Mann and Wain aren't just performing for the benefit of the common cold. The song and music video are both available on iTunes, and all proceeds will go to OneKid OneWorld, an organization that uses micro-loans to improve education for children in need across the world.

So next time you get a sneeze or a sniffle, don't curse the common cold. Learn to love it! It'll be there for you when no one else will. All it wants is your love, so love it back! It'll make you feel so much better.

Just kidding, there's no way that'll make you feel better. All the common cold wants is your dry coughs and your sweet, sweet mucus. But watching this video might make you feel better, if only for a few minutes:

Image: Fotolia