National Pi Day Is March 14, And You're Going To Want To Celebrate With This Epic Dessert

After my apple pie layered cake recipe, I tried to think of more pie/cake possibilities. It seemed like a fun idea to just use pies to create a layered cake. However, pies can be very time consuming to make, and with National Pi Day just around the corner, I didn’t have hours on end (who does?) to make the pies and then assemble them into a cake. So, I turned to trusty Marie Callender’s frozen pies that I picked up at my local grocery store (you can order them online here too!) and started to get to work. The entire recipe ended up being way less time consuming than I thought, which was awesome. Since the pies are no-bake, I just took them out of the freezer, stacked one pie on top of another, and smothered the sides in frosting. I mean hello food hybrid of the future! An actual cake made out of three delicious pie flavors? Yes please!

The tops of the pies are stunning and far beyond my piping skills, so I chose to leave it showing. If you feel like getting fancy, simply pipe a small dollop of caramel sauce around the top of the cake and let it drip down for a ganache effect. As for the pies themselves, I used Marie Callender’s Banana Cream, Chocolate Satin, and Coconut Cream pies. There are tons of other flavors to choose from as well. They all tasted beyond delicious, and I loved the ease of working with them. Since they are frozen pies, they were very easy to assemble and frost. Even if the pie sits in your freezer for a week or so (I highly doubt it will last that long), it still tastes super fresh. This pie layered cake recipe is sure to wow all your friends, and even gives you a much needed excuse to celebrate Pi(e) Day!


  • 3 28 oz. Marie Callender's Frozen Pies
  • 2 sticks salted butter
  • 4 tbsp. buttermilk
  • 3 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 4 cups powdered sugar


In a medium mixing bowl, combine butter, buttermilk, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar. Stir to combine. Place one pie on a cake stand, and place the remaining two pies on top of the first. Press down with hands to secure. Cover sides with frosting using an offset spatula. Freeze for two hours. Let it defrost in the fridge for one hour. Serve and enjoy!

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