Tattoo Quotes You Definitely Won't Get Sick Of — PHOTOS

Although it should be obvious, the fact that tattoos are permanent just doesn't sink in with some people. This is why, IMO, quote tattoos are generally a safer option than an image. Sure, there are probably people out there who regret getting that Twilight excerpt inked on their shoulder. But if you choose a quote that's always been meaningful to you, it's likely that you'll always love it.

I don't believe that all tattoos have to have meaning, though. Sometimes, they can just be memories you've made with your closest friends. But the ink that does mean the most to me and that I'll cherish forever happens to be made up of words.

Although there are pages upon pages of "quote tattoo" ideas on Pinterest, finding inspiration could be difficult. Most likely, your quote of choice will end up being too long for your desired spot. Or you'll think you've found something completely clever and original, only to discover your college frenemy already has the same one.

As a lover of American literature, there are hundreds of phrases I've thought of getting tattooed on my body. But when I try to hone it down, they all seem to translate poorly. The point is this: It can be super tricky to pick out exactly what quote to put on your body for the rest of your life. But there happen to be 15 quotes you'll hopefully never get sick of. At least I wouldn't.

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1. Harry Potter

Who doesn't love a good HP quote? This one is timeless.

2. A Gentle Reminder

Always remember: Everything will pass.

3. For The Pixies Lover

"Where Is My Mind?" is one of my favorite songs, and this quote tattoo pays perfect homage to it.

4. Stay Young

Simple words, and an incredible message.

5. Is Wherever I'm With You

Dedicated to the best Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros song.

6. Never Forget

I love the placement of this one, too.

7. Simple

And so meaningful.

8. Travelers

For those who can't seem to stay still.

9. In French

How pretty is this placement?

10. White Ink

This is perhaps the most important message of all.

11. #Same

And this might just be the most relatable on the list.

12. Third Eye Blind

Important songs make for fabulous tattoos.

13. E.E. Cummings

E.E. never fails.

14. A Breath Of Fresh Air

Anytime you need a break, just check out your arm.

15. Ultra Minimalist

While technically not a quote, how pretty is this one?

Once inspiration hits and you find a quote you love, write it down! I have a Word document filled with these little phrases and quotes, and eventually, I'll narrow them down to find my favorite.

Quote tattoos: Tricky, but most definitely meaningful.

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