20 Bizarre Body-Part Jewelry Pieces We Inexplicably Want to Own

Somewhere between Halloween costumes and "edgy" hair color lies the wacky, wonderful world of jewelry shaped like tiny body parts. It's a dangerous addiction: first, you're like, "That silver hand-shaped ring is kind of cool…" and the next thing you know, you've got rattlesnake vertebrae wrapped around your neck in the name of fashion. I've rounded up the most fantastical body-part jewelry on the web, from disembodied Barbie legs to bijoux made from real bone. Don't show the kids.

Image: AustinModern/etsy

Eye ring

Blue Evil Eye Ring, $11, etsy.com

Tooth necklace

BITE ME Anatomical Tooth necklace, $21, etsy.com

Molar ring

Memento Mori Tooth Ring, $145, etsy.com

Pelvic bone bracelet

Spine Pelvic Bracelet, $68, anatomology.com

Wishbone necklace

Wishbone necklace, $200, elizabethknightjewelry.com

Middle finger cartilage piercing

Tiny Middle Finger Cartilage Earring, $10, etsy.com

Brain necklace

3D Brain Necklace, $21, anatomology.com

Heart locket

Gold Anatomical Heart Locket, $5,800, peggyskemp.com

Leg necklace

Squid Barbie Leg Necklace, $28, etsy.com

Rib earrings

Rib Bone Earrings, $25, etsy.com

Skull necklace

Pamela Love Silver Skull Necklace, $915.66, farfetch.com

Skull ring

Meta Skull Ring, $25, karmaloop.com

Lip earrings

Kissing Lips Earrings, $20.50, etsy.com

Vertebrae necklace

Snake Vertebrae Animal Bone Necklace, $24.99, etsy.com

Vertebrae earrings

Vertebrae Earrings, $132, elizabethknightjewelry.com

Feet earrings

Tiny Raku Feet Earrings, $15, etsy.com

Hand ring

Fashion Hand Shape Finger Gold Ring, $16 for lot of 24 (!), aliexpress.com

Breast ring

Golden Boob Ring, $490, norakogan.com

Lung necklace

Anatomical Lungs Pendant, $51, etsy.com

Ear earrings

Diamond Hear Stud Earrings, $330, windenjewelry.com