'Carol' Cast & Crew Open Up About Working With Cate Blanchett — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

If there was ever proof that Cate Blanchett was an actress fit to tell an incredibly important story, her performance in the Oscar-nominated Carol provided that. Directed by Todd Haynes and starring Blanchett and Rooney Mara, the film tells the story of a challenging, but worthwhile romance. Blanchett plays Carol, a woman going through a difficult divorce when she falls for Mara's shop girl, Therese. The film uses this personal story to shed light on the challenges the LGBT community faced during this time period, and it's Blanchett's performance as the titular Carol that grips viewers into this world.

Blanchett, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance, provided a grounded emotional center for the film, something that the she was sought after for by director Haynes. Haynes had worked with Blanchett on the Bob Dylan inspired film I'm Not There, and stated on the behind the scenes featurette for the films' BluRay edition that it was the reason he was excited to have her take the role of Carol:

[Blanchett] famously transformed into the electric Dylan in a shape-shifting performance, that still astounds me... so I was so excited to work with [her] again and see how she could pull it off as a woman this time.

According to Blanchett's co-star Mara, Blanchett was able to transform herself into her mesmerizing character:

[Blanchett] is so magnetic on camera and in life... you are just instantly drawn to her and want to watch her.

Check out what else the cast and crew had to say about Blanchett in this exclusive clip from the BluRay edition of Carol: