Will Ben & Lauren B. Have Kids? 'The Bachelor' Pair's Schedule Works Perfectly For A Family

Now allowed out in the world, Bachelor star Ben Higgins and his bride-to-be Lauren Bushnell are hitting the talk show circuit to talk about their engagement, all the quirks they’re discovering about each other, and what Chris Harrison is really like behind the scenes (OK, fine, less on that). Their first stop was Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where Jimmy tried to goad them into talking about how much sex they’re having. Don’t worry, Ben and Lauren didn’t fall for it. They did talk about kids, though. Are Ben and Lauren ready to have a family?

While the two have confirmed over and over again that they’re just enjoying their engagement for now (they’re technically just dating, since they had three dates basically on the show), Kimmel figured out that their sleeping schedules are super conducive to having kids. You see, Ben is more of a morning guy, up with the sun, and Lauren is not someone you ever want to see in the AM. She’s a night owl. They have kind of opposite schedules, and when they want to have kids, this will make feeding, soothing, and diaper changes much easier. Each parent will have his or her own time to tend to the little one (or ones). I like that division of labor.

Though it’s their first day as a public couple, Ben and Lauren are certainly taking their intensive press in stride. Jimmy Kimmel Live! is probably the best way to start out, since he’s a friend of The Bachelor. Hell, Kimmel has even been on a few dates with The Bachelor. Sure, his questions can be unorthodox, but that’s all part of the fun. Congrats to the new couple!

Image: Matt Dunn/ABC