How To Get The Most Out Of Your Shampoo And Conditioner — VIDEO

You'd think that washing your hair properly would be common sense. For the most part, it is. But as with a lot of other things in life — your health, your eyeliner — there's always room for improvement. A few tweaks here and there, and a few changes to your technique, can actually make a world of difference for your hair and your skin. For example, if you're like many people, you let your conditioner really seep in as you wash the rest of your body. The downside is that letting your conditioner-soaked hair sit on your back can clog pores and cause breakouts. As a quick fix, clip hair up as you finish the rest of your shower to avoid getting product residue on your skin. Then, thoroughly wash out your hair with cold water for an extra-shiny finish. This will close cuticles and seal in moisture from the conditioner for super-lustrous hair.

In partnership with Schwarzkopf, check out the entire step-by-step on how to get the most of your shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will feel healthier, shinier, and — if you have unruly hair like I do — a lot more manageable. And don't forget to subscribe to Bustle on YouTube for more beauty tips and tricks!

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Makeup: Allie Smith