Listen to Lily Allen's New 'GIRLS' Song

The second soundtrack compilation for Girls, titled Girls Volume 2: All Adventurous Women Do, has an impressive roster of musicians attached to it. In addition to Lily Allen's latest "L8 CMMR" — a song penned exclusively for the album, artists like Beck, Jenny Lewis, Miguel, Cat Power, and newcomer Lizzo are also featured on the album, set to be released on Feb. 11. Thanks to the breezy and blippy message of the songs involved, it's clear that all adventurous women enjoy a walk on the alterna-indie side.

"L8 CMMR" is the third new track we've heard from Allen as she attempts to re-emerge as the funkified edgy pop star of the early aughts. First came "Hard Out Here" and the subsequent backlash regarding the song's objectification of black women, followed by the fine-but-forgettable "Air Balloon." So while we're not wholly convinced that the Allen we've come to love (and anticipating returning) has fully re-planted herself into our smart pop-craving hearts, we're not ready to write her off just yet (but stay tuned).

What we're most curious about is: which song "belongs" to which girls' storyline, eh? "L8 CMMR" could be an ode in the vein of Hannah and Adam's dysfunctional-but-happy relationship, or maybe it could signal a turn of favor for a future beau for Marnie. Is "Completely Not Me" an ode to Jessa? Is "Paris" the anthem Shoshanna didn't know she needed? And where does Miguel fit into all of this with his newly rocked out edges?

Take a listen to the tunes below.

Lily Allen - "L8 CMMR"

Beck - "Blue Moon"

Jenny Lewis - "Completely Not Me"

Cat Power - "Free" (Remix)

Miguel - "Simplethings"

Lizzo - "Paris"