Bless 'Looking' For THis Image Of Jonathan Groff

We're four episodes in, are you in love with Jonathan Groff yet? If not, you may be doing it wrong. And in any case, maybe this new clip from this Sunday's Looking will sway you if you've (somehow) not yet been swayed. Or maybe the above picture will, from that very same episode. Because, I mean, look at it.

The clip — which you can see below — features Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and his boss Kevin (Russel Tovey, of Being Human, Gavin & Stacey, and Doctor Who fame) discussing whether or not the former's got a pair of ass-less chaps hidden away in his closet somewhere. Spoiler alert: He does. I'm calling shenanigans if we don't get our own glimpse of them, but the photo above gives me hope.

While we're at it, it looks like the show's already getting enough traction to have spawned its own — definitely inevitable — parody from Funny Or Die. Just like the show itself, it's more like a gay, male Girls than it is a second coming of Queer As Folk. Which has its definite benefits — and also its definitely parodyable moments. You can also watch that below.

Image: HBO