Someone Get Conan on 'Walking Dead,' Stat

In honor of The Walking Dead's upcoming mid-season premiere (this Sunday!), Conan invited the entire cast for a joint interview during last night's episode of his show. Then, in honor of their appearance, Conan staged one of his most elaborate cold opens that his show has ever seen: Conan O'Brien stumbled around, donning full The Walking Dead zombie make-up, in what looks like Hollywood's Griffith Park.

It's not the lengthiest of cold opens (when you've got a gigantic cast set to all appear at once on your show, that doesn't leave too much wiggle room for skits in the beginning of the show), but it manages to be pretty entertaining and witty regardless: In it, we see O'Brien stumbling around a grassy area, seemingly aimless — then, as he pulls out his smartphone and checks out Google Maps, it becomes clear that he's actually just really lost. I won't spoil the ending because the clip is much better enjoyed by just watching it, but, I will say that one highlight is without a doubt the throwback to one forgotten, but major character from early on in the series. Just saying...

You can check out the clip below. Also, if you want to see the interviews with the actual cast, head on over to TeamCoco here.

Image: TeamCoco