Weird New Obsession: Temporary Finger Tattoos

Just when you think nail art can't get any more innovative, artists abandon the nail entirely in favor of the finger below. It's a bizarre placement for a tattoo (most of them, like Kendall Jenner's sharpie skull, are totally temporary), but once you see just how cool it can look, you may never wear rings again.

Am I the only one who used to draw rings and bracelets all over my hands as a kid? These one-dimensional hand decorations have the effect of jewelry — they also conjure up, vaguely, henna — and if you're lost in the terrible desert of finger/nail boredom, this just might save you.

You've got a couple of options here. Either snag a friend who's a beast with a Sharpie or ballpoint pen, as Jenner did, or purchase a pack of temporary cuticle tattoos to apply yourself. And these weird new stick-ons are blowing up: Ciate just designed a beautiful collection of cuticle tattoos for ASOS, full of delicate bows, stars, and diamonds designed to hover just beneath your (perfect, pearlescent) manicure. Rad Nails sells some simpler, graphic options that change your nail's "silhouette," as they put it — for example, extending the nail bed down and into a dainty point. And Ghetto Nailz teamed up with Tattoonie to create the raddest collection of cuticle tattoos ever, featuring everything from flames to tiny words like "twerk" and "badass" to a single miniature troll doll.

Where to stick them? Well, you've got approximately the length of one finger to experiment with. Positioned just below the nail, they look like sweet extensions of your nail art; farther down the finger, they just make you look like a boss.

Images: @kendalljenner/Instagram,