Watch Russian Police Sing "Get Lucky"

Most of the U.S. hasn't been lucky enough to watch them yet, but the 2014 Sochi Olympics are underway. Before the Opening Ceremony, there was a special pre-show and it featured one of the strangest performances in Olympic history. A whole group of Russian police performed Daft Punk's "Get Lucky."

In full uniform, a large group of men from the Russian Interior Ministry stood on some kind of stage, complete with fog and flashing lights. The most surprising part might be that they're actually pretty good, especially since they're singing it in English.

Although, the performance's opening is probably the real surprise — and most bizarre moment.

An older man in a different uniform approaches a red curtain, fog rolls in, he starts dancing about as awkwardly as you would expect an old Russian man to, and suddenly there they are. The Interior Ministry, grooving to the beat and taking turns earnestly singing into microphones.

We haven't seen the entire Opening Ceremony yet, but it's safe to say this could be one of the best moment of 2014 Olympics. What could possibly top police officers singing "Get Lucky" as strobe lights flash above them? They even do it chorus style, with the background officers singing along to the song's chorus.

It must be hard to imagine such a thing, so here's the video for your Olympic viewing pleasure.

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