Chad Michael Murray Is A Serious Actor, Y'all

Chad Michael Murray, who is best known for One Tree Hill and being all over teen magazines back in the day, has made a surprising acting choice. Chad Michael Murray lost a lot of weight to play a homeless heroin addict in his latest film, Other People's Children. It isn't so surprising that Murray would want to take on such a serious role, after being on one TV show for 11 years, something different would sound amazing, it's just surprising to hear that the guy who once wooed Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story would now be given such an intense-sounding role.

Murray spoke with US Weekly at an event for his other new film, Caveman, about his role in Other People's Children. (For the record, Cavemen is a comedy about "somewhat single, somewhat unemployed guys" which seems more fitting for CMM.) "I lost 25 pounds for [Other People's Children], and I was really in a dark place for about a month. It was taking your work home with you. It's heavy." Of course a role playing a heroin addict would be heavy, but Chad Michael Murray? Really? That just seems like an odd choice. Almost as odd as Vanessa Hudgens going all method for Gimme Shelter. They should do a movie together and really blow everyone's minds.

Murray went on to describe his diet and workout regimen during filming. He ate a lot of eggs whites and salads, completed an hour and a half of circuit training in the morning, and went on five-mile jogs at night. "I just like testing myself. I like having a test and saying, 'Will power, can you beat this.' It's not forever. I just have to eat that way for three and a half weeks. Film is forever."

"Film is forever." I never expected such a wise quote from someone who is widely known for his squinty, I mean, smoldering gazes into the camera. I'll take full blame for pre-judging Murray when he's nominated for an Oscar next year.