Michelle Phan's New Venture Is Unexpected

It's clear that Michelle Phan is a serious inspiration for all female entrepreneurs out there. On top of being a beauty mogul and YouTube sensation, Michelle Phan has officially released her own comic book line today, and it's basically goals. While the multi-talented business woman already has a lot on her plate, including a beauty line and online network called ICON, she's still working extremely hard in attaining every dream she's ever had.

According to PopSugar, the comic book, which is entitled Helios: Femina, tells the story of a female heroine who finds "the truth of who she really is and accepting her destiny." Sounds like a story we can all relate to. I'm not even a comic book fan and it makes me excited to flip through the pages!

What's best about this new venture of hers is that it's not about gaining more followers or getting more notoriety. It's simply because she wants to connect more with her existing fan base and engage with them in a completely new way. She explained to PopSugar, "What I'm most looking forward to is getting my comic out there and interacting with my followers on a new platform. I'm not expecting anything. I just want to tell a story and fulfill a childhood dream."

Phan will release her project on a platform called Line Webtoon that only publishes work digitally. She said, "I wanted to work with a new format that was different, that wasn't like a book because I don't really write books; I produce content online."

Is there anything she can't do?

You can now read her comic book on Line Webtoon and continue to read her series every Sunday, starting March 27. The entire collection will be made into a 26-part series.

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