8 Tricks That Make Your Orgasm Even Better

Yes, there’s always room for improvement in the bedroom. But it’s also imperative (for your own sanity) to stop and note your progress every once in awhile. I, for one, am thrilled that women can now openly discuss how to have more intense orgasms. You see, I’m currently in the process of binge-watching Mad Men on Netflix, and I can’t help but get infuriated on Peggy’s behalf when she can’t even come out and tell her male advertising team, straight up, “Yes, this supposed ‘exercise belt’ vibrates, and frankly, the only thing that got a workout was my clitoris.”

While female orgasms used to be considered a mystery — practically classified information — people everywhere are now aware that they're not “a mystery” at all. It’s an orgasm, not Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, and there are scientifically proven ways to raise libido, increase your comfort levels, and improve foreplay to transform your orgasms for the better. As you probably know already, orgasms come and go in a variety of intensities. It’s very possible to have an experience that’s anywhere from one to 10 on the satisfaction chart — with one being "I think I just sneezed" and 10 being “I’m gonna need a new brain.” According to the experts, here are the best tips and tricks to get you way up into that brain-melting territory, once and for all.

Learn What You Like & Get Comfortable With Your Body

Lorna Touch-Activated Double Head Vibrator , $40, Amazon

Sex coach Danielle Cavallucci told Health that masturbating trains your body to orgasm better. This stylish and oh-so-effective touch-activated vibrator stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously, and it’s made with body-safe silicon and eight vibration modes. You don't have to worry about knobs or buttons, either — all you need to do is touch the sensor for three seconds, and you’re off. Reviewers give it top ratings because it’s rechargeable, quiet, waterproof, and absolutely fantastic at what it does. It’s important to know what you like and what you don’t like, and the more comfortable you are with your body and sexuality, the more pleasure you’ll feel.

Strengthen Those Muscles With Kegels

Hocrelov Kegel Balls , $40, Amazon

Kegels are an awesome way to transform mediocre orgasms into amazing ones, as sex educator Dorian Solot told Health . That's because those muscles are responsible for pleasurable contractions during sex. Not sure how it’s done? These Hocrelov Kegel balls will help you get started. They come with a user manual as well as a convenient and subtle carrying pouch, and they’re made with antimicrobial metal to keep things sanitary. You can adjust the intensity based on whether you're beginner or more advanced, and because they’re waterproof, they’re also ridiculously easy to clean.

Increase Sensitivity With Warming Cream

Viamax Warm Cream , $28, Amazon

Some women are super sensitive — and others, not so much. But even if you fall in the latter camp, you’ve got options. The Viamax Warm Cream increases stimulation and natural lubrication by prompting more blood flow wherever you apply it. It utilizes herbs like damiana and saw palmetto to create a tingling, warming sensation, and because it’s condom-safe and made with natural ingredients, you can relax and let this stuff work its magic.

Reach The G-Spot Better With A Positioning Pillow

Liberator Jaz Positioning Pillow , $59, Amazon

For a great sex position that leads to an even greater orgasm, Vanessa Marin suggests “The Bridge." This missionary-like raised-hips position provides deep penetration and continuous stimulation for your G-spot. The logic? Solid. The execution? Not so much; flexibility isn’t my strongpoint. This positioning pillow creates the same effect without any strain because it’s sturdy, supportive, and comfortable. Its microsuede cover is also machine-washable, so the after-the-fact cleanup is a no-brainer.

Track Your Exercise To Stimulate Oxytocin Levels

Forestfish Fitness Tracker , $32, Amazon

A study in the journal Hormones and Behavior found that higher levels of oxytocin lead to more intense orgasms, and taking regular walks in the sunshine naturally boosts your oxytocin levels. The Forestfish fitness tracker is an awesome way to count your steps and track your distance to inspire a little more movement in your day. It syncs right up to your cell phone to monitor progress, and it also comes with added features like a sleep monitor, alarm clock, incoming call notice, remote camera, and phone locator. Reviewers love it because it’s intuitive, convenient, and a great form of motivation.

Stop Tensing Up & Relax With Soothing Essential Oil

Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser , $24, Amazon; Relaxation Essential Oil , $5, Amazon

Sex therapist Vanessa Marin explains how all of the muscle-clenching and shallow breathing that happens during sex could actually be stifling orgasms. Her advice? Relax, breathe, and let your thoughts go. The combination of this aroma oil diffuser and essential oil is a great, all-natural way to help you reach your peak bliss in more ways than one. The diffuser not only purifies the air, but it also gradually changes from one soothing color to the next, turning your bedroom into some kind of magical sex spa. The relaxing essential oil is a blend of all-natural scents like lavender, geranium, and chamomile, which smell amazing while they relax you.

Get Creative & Make A Game Out of Foreplay

Foreplay In A Row , $28, Amazon

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, renowned sex expert, says that foreplay is potentially one of the most important aspects of a good orgasm, as it gives your body time to warm up. Also, anticipation is a great thing. This foreplay game makes it even more fun and intriguing, and it's a great pacer for people who tend to jump right into things. It’s a sexy spin on your basic Connect Four game: Each token depicts an erotic act, and the loser needs to perform all of the chips in the winner's row. It also comes with a card game that prompts erotic conversation, and even the most competitive reviewers say they didn’t mind losing at all.

Rev Your Libido With Macca Root Aphrodisiac

Get Passionate Rooibos Tea , $11, Amazon

Psalm Isadora suggested in Harper's Bazaar that aphrodisiacs (foods and herbs that naturally up your libido) can really spice up your sex life. However, the best options do more than get you in the mood; they increase blood flow, so your orgasms are simply mind-blowing. This tea is made with rooibos and ground maca root, which help improve circulation and naturally rev your engine. This package comes with 36 tea bags, and because it’s brewed with hibiscus, passionflower, and passionfruit, it’s got a sweet and soothing fruity taste.

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