What's The Song In The Eos Lotion Ad? Your Ears Would Walk A Thousand Miles For This Tune — VIDEOS

In a gauzy television spot from the company that gave us the candy-colored lip balm orb, a woman twirls around an all-white boudoir, walks over to an open window, and doesn’t bat a single eyelash as a cloud of flower debris flies in through the open window and takes over the room. The woman smiles as the petal clump magically morphs into a genie bottle-shaped Eos lotion dispenser. As the enchanted petal-lotion does its enchanted petal-lotion thing, a wistful piece of music floats through the chiffon curtains. The song in the Eos lotion ad is “Blue Pool” by singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton. (And now I can’t stop thinking about the “A Thousand Miles” music video.) (Aaaaaand now I can’t stop thinking about that one scene from White Chicks.)

Cartlon released the spooky ’n’ sparkling 'n' splendid piano-driven “Blue Pool” as a single in 2015. Want to scoop up the stunner of a record? You can find it on the EP Blue Pool or on Liberman, the ex-ballerina’s fifth full-length album.

Ready to dive into “Blue Pool”? (Frankly, it’s a feat that I went this long without making a corny pun. Don’t mind me as I pat myself on the back.) Here is the music video for your listening and viewing pleasure:

Image: eos Products/YouTube