Twitter Users Share Stories Of Strength And Survival With #ThingsThatDidntBreakMe

Although real life isn't Girl Scouts, it's hard to shake the feeling that some folks deserve a medal for surviving the worst of the worst. Whether it's experiences with abuse, sexism, money troubles or relationship woe, Twitter users have been sharing their stories of triumphing over adversity with #ThingsThatDidntBreakMe. Of course, there are a few solid wisecracks thrown in there, too, because surviving a 10-day road trip with your mom or eating an entire meat lover's pizza may also qualify.

It's a cliche saying, but "that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger" does kinda work out to be a pretty decent motto. Despite how broken down you feel after a breakup, the death of someone you love, the loss of a job, or any number of the awful side effects that come with living, viewing them all as experiences that improve your ability to handle more sh*t can be a tiny benefit.

Here are 12 ways Twitter users survived, thrived, and didn't fold under the intense experiences they faced — although, to be fair, even the best of us need to fold sometimes and there shouldn't be any shame in that. Just try to read these and not be inspired at the resilience of these humans:

Images: Fotolia; Twitter